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8" Gyuto in house made Juu Mai laminated steel, so called for its ten layers in the blade of 1008 carbon steel, 201 nickel and a 52100 carbon core with hand finished wide bevel and etched to expose the pattern. Secondary edge bevel polished to 8k. Featuring a fully stabilized piece of blue/green dyed Curly Maple for the handle with stainless fittings, sized for average to slightly smaller hands. Extra handle detail inspired by Raymond Lowey, placed to register with one's pinky and ring finger during use. Thin and aggressive full flat edge geometry with subtle convexity towards spine and a 50/50 pinch balance point. Very pleasing balance and light weight makes this an extension of your hand, a blade well suited to all everyday kitchen tasks. 

8" Juu Mai Gyuto

$1,500.00 Regular Price
$1,275.00Sale Price
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